High durable and fire performing WPC for ventilated façades

Start of the project: 01st October 2013

KOM (09th October 2013) Azpeitia (SPAIN). TECNALIA facilities

M6 Meeting (09th April 2014) Terni (ITALY). Univ. PERUGIA facilities

M12 Meeting (01th October 2014) San Sebastian (SPAIN). TECNALIA facilities

M18- Meeting (March 2015) GERMANY. Fraunhofer-WKI facilities

M24- Meeting (October 2015) SPAIN. PESL-facilities

HIFIVENT Demonstrator in PESL' Stand in Maderalia Fair 2016

M30-Final Meeting (April 2016) Derio (SPAIN).

HIFIVENT demonstrator in KUBIK Building by TECNALIA