High durable and fire performing WPC for ventilated façades

WP1: Management

Within the scope of this WP all activities to control and supervise the project will be planned and executed in co-operation with the project partners.

WP2: Improving the performance of raw materials

Analysis of the commercially available different type of materials to be used. Selection of the materials with the best characteristics to be used for the development of the composites .

Modification of nanoclay for improving compatibility with the matrix and to enhance char forming properties. Nanoparticles characterization.

Modification of cellulosic fibres (wood and residues) to improve the weathering resistance. Formulation of the composite to improve weathering resistance by using modified fibres and by coextrusion

WP3. Compounding and extrusion of WPCs

Formulation and dispersion of compounds. Fabrication of the composites to be employed by extrusion.

Determination of the physical, thermal, fire and mechanical properties of the composites with different reinforcements and matrices. Properties of the developed composites will be compared with the façade wall typical materials.

Characterization of the fire performance of the developed composites. The HRR will be the key paramether to evaluate the fire contribution of the product (cone calorimeter at lab scale and SBI at real scale). Special attention will be devoted to vertical spread of flame, in order to minimize the vertical propagation in ventilated facades.

WP4: Development of facade

Simulation of the new façade; Prototype preparation of the composite profiles; Construction of a module of facade at real scale with the produced profiles and claddings.

Environmental analysis of the new system according to standards such as EN-ISO 14040:2006 “Environmental management - Life cycle assessment. Principles and framework” and EN-ISO 14043:2001 “Environmental management. Life cycle assessment. Life cycle interpretation”. Comparison with the current systems.

Market analysis of the new system.

WP5: Validation of the new ventilated facade

Verification of the new system created within the project by means of the tests foreseen in the product standard for ventilated facades ETAG 034 “Guideline for European technical approval of kits for external wall claddings; Part I: Ventilated cladding kits comprising cladding components and associated fixings”.

WP6: Exploitation and dissemination activities

The overall objective of this work package is to disseminate the project results and design the exploitation strategy